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2022 - Ongoing David Teather View Project

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I find creating educational resources to be very rewarding, partially because I’ve used so many great resources to learn over the years and giving back by creating some of these resources myself feels like the next logical step. I created everything web scraping to be the main educational resource for people who want to learn how to web scrape and all the related challenges that comes along with that. Some of the topics I’d like to cover are: storing data at scale, writing efficient SQL queries, and writing efficient jobs. If you’d like to checkout the topics currently covered view the course catalogue

Why I Created It

When I was learning, I used a ton of various different resources to learn how to web scrape at scale efficiently, however many of these resources were scattered across the internet in different formats and there wasn’t an easy way to learn web scraping at the time. My goal with this project is to provide a free resource that passes along all the information that I’ve learned in one easily accessible place.

Lesson Contents

Each lesson has an accompanying video on youtube, which is the primary delivery method that I focus on. Despite video being the focus, I also provide a power point or PDF that can act as a substitute for the video.


Ideally each lesson has an attached activity that is meant to give learners a way to apply the ideas shown in each lesson to an activity with graded test cases for instant feedback with descriptive feedback messages to guide learners to find the error in the solution themselves.

I try to make these activities realistic as possible so that the skills transfer directly from the lesson environment straight into applying these ideas to the learners own web scraping adventures.


I would love to be able to continue work on this, even if it’s extremely time-demanding to do all of this myself. I believe it’s really important to give as much as you can to the next generation of learners, and this is the main way I’m trying to accomplish this within my own life. Working for a company that allows me to do this is critical for me.

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