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2022 - Ongoing David Teather View Project

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In fall 2022, I became a GitHub Campus Expert, the program is designed to teach members how to build and grow communities by providing members with training, mentorship, and support from GitHub in hosting events for your community. You can visit my GitHub Campus Expert Profile, it’s a little barren because I keep forgetting to update it.


LinkedIn Learning

There’s another article for this because it ended up being quite large, but I was directly reached out to apply to create this course based on my previous work with Everything Web Scraping. I had a great time making the course and would like to do more like this in the future!

Hackcon X

On my onboarding call to the program, I displayed interest in hosting a hackathon in the future. As a result, on the call I was invited to Hackcon X, which I had never heard of and decided to take a leap of faith and 3 weeks later I was in New York at a rural campsite where it was taking place.

The first hackathon I went to was in high-school in 2019 and it cemented that I really wanted to do computer science. This event re-ignited the hackathon passion I had before covid turned everything online. Learning how to give other people the same opportunity to find their true calling really was really inspiring to me, and am looking forward to engaging with hackathons again now that we’re returning back to in-person.

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