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Fall 2020 David Teather TrendPop's Website

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I joined TrendPop (then Stream Report) for ~10 hours/week in my first semester of college. It was my first experience working in a more industry environment even though it was only a total of 3-4 people back then including myself. The goal of the platform was to provide insights about everything happening on TikTok.

The company was founded only a few months before I joined, and the daily active users of the platform was around 60 when I joined.


Web Crawler

I learned about then created a producer consumer based web crawler for TikTok that was based on my TikTokAPI python package with a few tweaks for improved data parsing.

This crawler used RabbitMQ to manage running our jobs and used Redis to provide a fast database for managing our job queues. This particular section of the codebase was entirely written in python so I specifically learned a lot about various programs and packages that are designed to make python code more readable across an entire organization.

Code Quality & CI/CD

I learned about and used a ton of technologies during this internship that I had never used before that improved my quality of life a lot such as

And so much more that I’m definitely forgetting about.

I enjoyed the work I was doing there even if it felt like a lot being in first semester of college while everything was still online because of covid-19. I’m glad I did it and glad to see TrendPop being successful and acquired by Collab.

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