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I joined Warner Music Group to work on the Sodatone platform, which makes it easier to find rising artists and keep tabs on already trending ones. They accomplish this by having a ton of data from many sources with convenient dashboards displaying this information for users to interpret what might’ve spiked an artists popularity.


Tech Stack

The application was written in ruby on rails and the frontend was written in react with typescript. This was my first experience with React and I enjoyed the framework so much that I wrote this website with it. My work was largely a blend of both backend and frontend work, so I spend adequate time using both of those technologies for that.

Internal Job Dashboard

The largest project that lasted most of my internship was working on improving visibility into the background jobs that the application ran using resque, which is a redis backed background task manager for ruby. I built an admin page for the website which provides easy to view statistics and general information about all of our background jobs including: the ability to assign workers to a queue, the time it takes for a job to be executed, a feed with detailed insights into the most recent failures, and many more statistics beyond that.

Resque Jobs

A lot of my time was around editing and modifying existing jobs, however the most interesting ones that I created are as follows.

Extracting Music Charts

Since the platform is heavily revolved around music, it was critical to have all relevant information from as many music sources as possible. I designed and implemented various jobs to scrape the top trending music charts from multiple sources and saved them to our database for analysis.

Crawling Additional Streaming Site

The second job I worked heavily on was crawling a new music streaming site that was recently included into the billboard top 100 chart metrics. I leveraged my experience with crawling and extracting data from websites for this job as well. As a result of this implementation, it made the platform more accurate in determining the top 100 chart and thus better at predicting rising talent in the music industry.

I had a great time working for Warner Music Group and learned a lot about the music industry and how it operates. In addition, it’s great knowing that the projects I worked on will be used for people for months to come.

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