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2020 - Ongoing David Teather

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I’ve always been interested in content creation, in any media. I’ve always been creating things, these days that’s usually in code, but I also enjoy creating videos. Recently, I’ve been shifting towards creating more educational and programming tutorial type content because I enjoy helping others learn in tech.

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Favorite Project: Gesture Controlled Car

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I could go into a ton of detail about this, but I’ll keep it brief. It’s my favorite project I’ve made a video on at the time of writing this. First I gotta start off by saying do not do this, like ever. This project took me a summer while working full time, and basically I wanted to control the gas and breaks of my car with hand gestures.

For the gesture detection I found Leap Motion Controller which worked pretty well.

Next, for the motors I had to create my own linear actuators as the real ones were too expensive, for this I used a threaded rod within a case with a nut at the end of the casing. This way, when the casing turned the threaded rod would rotate around the nut and it would result in an extending or shrinking piston. I attached two strong motors to the casing around the threaded rod. The motors were controlled by a raspberry PI running an API to manage the motor controls.

This is a horrible implementation, but the raspberry pi didn’t have enough computing power to support the leap motion controller software with real-time speeds. So I had to run the software for the gesture tracking on my laptop and when it detected a specific gesture it would sent a request to the raspberry PI to turn the motor.

I tested it safely in a massive 1,000 car empty parking lot. It was a really fun project, and I’d love to experiment with more hardware related projects like this in the future they just take up so much time it’s difficult to fit into a busy schedule.

I plan on continuing to work on YouTube content in the future, as it’s a really rewarding experience for myself and it’s a great way to show off my projects that other people might never see.

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